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Electric Adjustable Desk | 150x80 cm | Maple with white frame

Electric Adjustable Desk | 150x80 cm | Maple with white frame
$ 683
Item no.: 501-47 8W142 150-80S3 MM

A symmetric frame with centered T-legs. The concept is specifically developed for meeting/conference tables.

Can also be used as multi-purpose tables, dinning or for office-work.


Adjust to be comfortable or "raise" the meeting to bring new energy. Users claim that stand-up meetings are shorter and more efficient!


Height will always fit perfectly to exisiting chairs and perhaps is new top not needed.


 A high lifting capacity is standard to match large or thick tops.

Maple surface made in thickness 25 mm. Double sided melamine surface with an 2mm ABS egdeband. Low emission standards.

A square tabletop with all known advantages: Flexible and uncomplicated. A centered 60mm grommet is standard. Probably just as expected.

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Item no.:
501-47 8W142 150-80S3 MM
Electric Adjustable Desk | 150x80 cm | Maple with white frame
Stock status
AmountItem no.DescriptionUnit pricePrice In stock
1501-47 8WXXXColumnset, White$ 499,-$ 499,-
1SQ141820Traversset, 142 cm, neutral$ 66,-$ 66,-
1150-80S3 VMTabletop | 150x80 cm | Walnut$ 118,-$ 118,-

$ 683,-
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Item no.Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)EAN
501-47 8WXXX78306922,30 
150-80S3 VM15787425,005704142149782
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Item no.: 501-47 8W142 150-80S3 MM

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