Product groups

Complete desks
Desks with electric motor that can raise and lower at the touch of a button. The movement allows you to choose between sitting and standing at work, but can also be used to adjust to the desired height and create variation. Choose from 174 different models.

Desk accessories
Boxes, bookcases, side tables, pencil trays, cpu holders, tip devices, wheels and much more.

Electric desk frames
Complete desk frames. Just add a table top. Different designs and specifications to choose from. ConSet is a Scandinavian brand established in 2000 with the exact purpose of creating better ergonomics with heigh adjustable desk frames.

Spare parts
Of course, we have spare parts for our products. We have been supplying height-adjustable desks since 2000 and it is a pleasure for us and our customers that a small part can solve a problem for many years to come. The longevity of a product is one of the foundations of a sustainable world.

Tabletops for ConSet electric adjustable desk frames. MFC/Particlewood is both the material of the past and the future. There are fine recycling rates. Maybe the material has been something in a bed and in the next cycle it turns into something in a kitchen. Regardless, right now it's a tabletop and it can be for a long time.

Discover NEW desks!
Discover exciting news from ConSet - and see all the newest height adjustable desk options in ConSets range. 

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