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Maple tabletops

Soft, Melamine
A small corner table top with nice round corners. Works fine as a corner table top and is perferct as part of a larger setup as well. Download drawings:  140H.PDF  ...

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140H M $ 271,00

Trapez, Melamine
This table top is perfect as part of a 3 table setup. Good arm support. Download drawings:  138H.PDF  /  138H.DWG  /  138H.STL Order ConSet US cat...

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138H M $ 280,00

Heart, Melamine
The heart shaped table top is small and flexible. Perfect as a little corner desk or as part of larger setup. Download drawings:  117H.PDF  /  117H.DWG  /&...

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117H M $ 293,00

Corner, Melamine
This table top is perfect for almost any corner and is suitable as part of larger group. Order ConSet US catalog ...

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120H M $ 348,00

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