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Download assembly instructions

Do you need an assembly instruction for your electric desk frame or accessories?

See the list below, find your electric desk frame or accessory and click the link. The assembly instruction will then open in a new window.

    Frame 501-7
    Frame 501-7 Wall
    Frame 501-11
    Frame 501-11 (3-column with wooden crossbar type)
    Frame 501-15
    Frame 501-17
    Frame 501-19
    Frame 501-19 Wall
    Frame 501-23 (2-column)
    Frame 501-23 (3-column)
    Frame 501-23 (control system)
    Frame 501-25 (2-column)
    Frame 501-25 (3-column)
    Frame 501-27 (2-column)
    Frame 501-27 (3-column)
    Frame 501-29 (2-column)
    Frame 501-29 (3-column)
    Frame 501-32 (2-column)
    Frame 501-32 (3-column)
NEW   Frame 501-37
    Frame 501-49 (2-column)
    Frame 501-49 (3-column)
NEW   Programmable handset (139250)
    Battery, 24V (BAT-24-1,7)

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